my story

Mother, Writer, Cancer Survivor
The Road That lead me here

When I first received a prognosis…

the first thing I wanted was hope.

I wanted to know about the survivors.

I wanted to know what they did.

I wanted to know everything.

I wanted something I could hook onto that meant that I was going to survive this.

So it is with much pleasure I share with you my prognosis and may it give you hope and make a better day for you.

*I was 41 years of age at the time of diagnosis.

*My cancer was discovered early.
*It was hormone sensitive, aggressive Grade 3.

*It was 4mm in size.

*No node invasion.

*I had a lumpectomy.

My surgeon said that whether or not the breast was removed, the survival rates were exactly the same. So I opted for just having the lump removed and kept my breast.


Because the cancer was aggressive Grade 3 and hormone sensitive, I had:

*12 weeks of chemotherapy.


*ovaries removed.

*Arimidex medication for 5 years.

I am now 55 years young!

My mother passed from cancer, and I too have my cancer story. I see you. We see each other.


The journey is not a one size fits all path. All of us are affected in different ways. The disease can impact us on every holistic level imaginable and then there are the stories that spring forth, making us feel lighter. Like cool water in a dry desert. Humour, love, laughter, understanding: it is this conversation from which hope arises.

What happens later? A month later? 15 years later? There are stories, Oh the Stories!

My mission is to provide tools and information to all women as they
prepare to walk through their cancer journey right through to many years later.

The signposts on your Road For Hope will inspire, make you smile, and help you know that you are not alone. This is a safe space where we will unpack together the common themes that join us, and discover the uniqueness that is women in diagnosis, women in prognosis, women in remission, women in the fight for their lives and women in all their glorious inspirational selves.

In 2007 Jenene was asked to take part in a video by Monash for cancer patients, newly diagnosed and going through the journey. 12 years later and Jenene continues to advocate and support cancer patients. Here’s a peek at 2007- with some wonderful insights that still remain valuable today. 

Watch more from the 2007 series here

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